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Chongga Mat Kimchi (Cut Cabbage Kimchi) - 종가집 - 맛김치 500g

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Kimchi is Korea's national dish. Made from napa cabbage, garlic, onions, chilli and saeujeot (shrimp sauce) and fish sauce. A spicy, sourish pickle that is eaten as a side dish at almost every meal. Can be used it cooking aswell.

Cabbage, Radish, Starch (Rice, Guar Gum), Red Pepper Powder, Garlic, Kelp Base Sauce (Sorbitol, Kelp Extract, Fructose), Leek, Korean Leek, Salt, Onion, Ginger, Fermented Anchovy Sauce (Anchovy, Salt), Fermented Shrimp Sauce (Shrimp, Salt), Lacto Bacillius


This is for my wife and she is crazy for it as for me I cannot stand the smell but wife swears by it and she is the BOSS.

Absolutely delicious - I will be ordering this every month, it is the best Kimchi on the market and so great to be able to get it online without leaving the house.

Good with noodles or side dishes


i was worried that items like this would go bad while being delivered but it stayed cold and fresh which is amazing.

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