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Goraesa Premium Perilla Leaf Fishcake

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Pollack Paste (Pollack Paste (70.09% / USA), Sweetener (E420), Sugar, Mineral Salt (E524)), Tarpioca Starch, Cabbage, Onion, Perilla Leaf, Liquid Seasoning (Sauce, Refined Rice Wine, Refined Sugar, Starch Syrup, Low-Sweet Sugar, Soy Sauce, Salt, Kelp Extract Powder, Food Acid (E330), Refined Water), Sweetener (E420), Carrot, Mixed Formulation (Starcg Acetatem, Mal Todextrin), Refined Salt, L-sodium Glutamate (L-Sodium Glutamate (Taste and Flavour Enhancer (E621)), Flavour Enhancer (E631)], Glucose, Pepper, White Sugar, D-Xylose, Soybean Oil, Flavour Enhancer (E640), Mixed Formulation [Mal Todextrin, Antioxidant (Water Soluble E301), Transglutaminase (Enzyme Preparations), Glucose, Glucosidase (Enzyme Preparations) ]

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