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Korean Tuna Extract Seasoning Sauce

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Dried Bonito Extract 50%, Smoked Tuna(Korea Soid 18.6%), Starch Syrup, Acid Hydrolyed Soy Sauce, Table Salt(Korea), Defined Salt Flavor Enhancer: E621, Alanine, Crystalline Glucose, Synthetic Congenery(Fish Flavor), Caramels(E150), Purified Water, Refiend Salt, Brewed Soy Sauce(Wheat, Dried Dasima 85%, Table Salt, Dextrin, Flavor Enhancer:E631), Enzyme Prepara Tions, Shitake Mushroom Extract, Shitake Mushroom(China)(Solid: 17.5%) 75.8%, Dextrin, Refined Salt, Enzyme Prepara Tions, Grapefurit Seed Extract, Refined Water, Flavor Enhancer(E634)Para Oxybenzoates(Synthetic Preserva Tive) Refeind Water.


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