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Asian Food Blogs You Should Follow

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Blogging is taking the world by storm. You can find blogs on pretty much every subject imaginable, and the world of food has benefited from top chefs and amateur cooks sharing their tips with the public. So, if you’re after some Asian food inspiration, look no further than these six blogs:

No Recipes

Follow Japanese chef Marc Matsumoto as he explores the cuisines of the world on his blog, No Recipes. In this blog, Matsumoto demonstrates that Japanese food is so much more than just sushi, and provides readers with a variety of Japanese dishes to try, regardless of ability or background. 

Matsumoto prides himself on experimenting with food, rejecting recipes and encouraging cooks to learn the fundamentals of matching ingredients and studying cooking techniques to produce your own creations, hence the blog name.


Indiechine is a blog dedicated to Vietnamese food and culture, started by Linh Nguyen with the aim to introduce global readers to the fascinating world of Vietnam. Her heartfelt blog posts not only cover recipes but share her experiences as a resident of Hoi An, and includes topics like the outdoor markets and traditions such as the Lunar New Year.

Nguyen shares authentic recipes that will give you a true taste of Vietnam; you can try your hand at some sautéed beef vermicelli salad or some simple staples like banana fritters.

China Sichuan Food

For those who are bored of Chinese takeaway but want to enjoy authentic Chinese food, the answer lies with Elaine Luo’s blog, China Sichuan Food. Luo has expert experience with Sichuan, Shanxi and Cantonese cooking styles, and offers readers carefully selected recipes for those who want some tasty Chinese food.

Just One Cookbook

This blog provides readers with exclusive access to recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Namiko Chen originally started the blog as a way of storing her family’s treasured recipes to pass down to her children. Here you will learn about Japanese ingredients and techniques to create some truly spectacular dishes.

Omnivore’s Cookbook

Sharing Chinese recipes that can easily be made at home, regardless of your ability, Maggie Zhu’s blog has a mountain of recipes to browse. You can expect everything from simple noodle soups to duck pancakes.

The straightforward, step-by-step picture guides allow each reader to effortlessly follow the Asian recipe. Additional bonuses include the introductions to a range of essential spices, ingredients and tools for authentic Chinese cooking, and these will be available on our online store.

My Korean Kitchen

Last, but not least, is My Korean Kitchen that began in 2006. Sue Pressey shares her love of Korean food with the world through her blog posts. Recipes include Korean classics to hidden secrets, allowing for even the most novice cook to experience a true taste of Korea. 

So, what are you waiting for? Our online store has every oriental product imaginable, from noodles to fishballs, to help you create your Asian-inspired dishes!


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