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Chinese Classics Named Some of Britain’s Favourite Dishes

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In a survey conducted earlier this year, it was found that a number of classic Chinese takeaway dishes were named some of Britain’s favourite meals. Following the British classics of fish & chips and the Sunday roast is the Chinese sweet and sour according to the research from Just Eat, the food delivery app that connects hungry Brits with local takeaway establishments.

The survey compiled the results from over 2,000 UK adults, and the participants were specifically asked which classic dishes they would want to take with them to a desert island. Along with the Chinese sweet and sour meal, Brits also wanted to take chow mein and peking roasted duck (and we are not surprised!).

From the results, it is clear that Brits crave comforting food, particularly in times of need. A comfort that can be provided by some tasty Chinese food!

The survey also looked into who they would want to accompany them on their desert island, whilst many picked survival experts, there were also many that noted a chef as a viable option for a companion. Of course, there would be nothing handier on a desert island than the survival expert sourcing the food, and the chef cooking up some fantastic oriental dishes (all they would need is some oriental soy sauce to add some tasty flavours!). No one would blame you for thinking you were living the life of luxury with people waiting on you hand-and-foot!

This point got us thinking though… is Chinese takeaway food better than the home-cooked alternative? We think not!

Firstly, consuming a lot of takeaway food can contribute to the risk of health problems for a number of reasons, according to studies. One is the fact that you have no control over the portions, where you will usually be presented with a mountain of food that contains a high level of salt. As such, you will end up eating big servings that have limited nutritional value. 

The advantage of home-cooking your Chinese food is that you can ensure that your ingredients are fresh and you can control what is used within the dish to avoid any unhealthy options.

Other benefits also include the cost advantages of sourcing your own ingredients and cooking your dishes at home. By purchasing your ingredients, you will be able to utilise these within a number of dishes over a period of time, in comparison to takeaways that can be costly and only provide one meal. This makes home-cooking a viable option for those on a budget.

Our oriental supermarket has plenty of ingredients both in-store and online to ensure you can replicate your favourite Chinese takeaway options in your own kitchen. We guarantee once you start cooking your own Chinese dishes and develop your oriental cooking, you will wonder why you ever even opted for takeaway in the past! Take a look at our blog to discover some recipes to try, and encounter what products we have in our shop.

As always, let us know your thoughts on our social media post. We need to settle the score once and for all… Chinese takeaway or home-cooking?

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