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The Best Christmas Gifts for Foodies

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We all have a foodie friend. We don’t mean the sort of person who can eat 12 portions in one sitting and still be up for dessert, but those who enjoy cooking and experiencing quality food, wherever it may come from. The trouble with such friends is that they can often be quite hard to buy for when it comes to Christmas time. Usually, they have a fully stocked kitchen already, with gadgets and cookware spilling out of every cupboard. Anything they don’t have is well over your budget. So what do you buy these food-loving friends when a bottle of something bubbly just won’t suffice? We’ve picked some of our favourite cooking kits and gift sets, perfect for a foodie Christmas present.



Nothing makes a foodie happier than… well, food! Food lovers are constantly on the hunt for something new. What better way to explore new tastes than to try home cooked oriental food. Our top food gift choices involve cookery kits from Japanese, Chinese and Thai cooking, getting you one step closer to authentic oriental cuisine.

Thai Cooking Essential Kit

Thai food presents the taster with an incredible balance of sweet, sour and salty flavours. Despite the complexity of the taste, it can actually be quite easy to make at home. The Thai essentials kit is an excellent way of getting started with the wonderful offerings from Thai cooking.

This hamper contains: Maeploy green curry paste & red curry paste; Maesri Pad Thai Sauce; Fish sauce; Pantai Tamarind Paste; Coconut Milk; Shrimp Paste; Kirin Rice Stick and Tom Yum Paste.

Chinese Cooking Essential Kit

There’s no better way to become a master of Chinese cuisine than by following the yummy recipes in Gok Wan’s ‘Gok Cooks Chinese’. We’re sure he’ll make your food look fantastic too! Alongside Gok’s help, this hamper will provide you with everything you need to get started on superb oriental feasts.

This hamper contains: Gok Wan’s Cookbook to help you on your culinary journey; Peanut Oil; Chilli Bean Paste; Fermented Black Beans; Corn Starch; Oyster Sauce; Shaoshing Rice Wine; Light & Dark Soy Sauce; Pure Sesame Oil; Fish Sauce; Chiu Chow Chilli Oil and Five-Spice Powder.

Japanese Sushi Set

New Year’s resolutions are soon to be made, and some may want to try something new and exciting in the kitchen during the coming year. Help your friends and family out on their edible quest through your Christmas gift choices. Sushi is a great place to start, as many won’t have attempted to make it before. This set is perfect for first timers in the sushi producing world. You’ll be making maki and nigiri in no time!

This hamper contains: Sushi Rolling Mat; Kikkoman Soy Sauce; Sushi Rice; Wasabi Paste; Sushi Vinegar Seasoning; Japanese Nori Sheets; Sushi Gari (Pickled Ginger) and Japanese Black Chopsticks.

All three sets are beautifully presented in a black box, protected with tissue wrap, making them an excellent gift set to give to your loved ones.



At Christmas, there’s always the temptation to buy Christmassy gifts. Things like spiced biscuits and cheeses are always popular options. But these nibbles have a limited shelf life, and often demand that you consume them before the seasonal festivities have come to an end. But with your tummy already full of turkey and trimmings (or KFC!), these gifts can often go to waste or be less appreciated. So why not buy something that lasts all year round, but will still bring a smile to your foodie friends’ face?

Authentic Blue Chinese Tea Set

Looking for a gift for someone who loves baking? Think outside the cake tin, and get a thoughtful China tea set, or cake plates, perfect for afternoon tea to accompany all of the baked goods they beautifully created. The set we have chosen is an authentic teapot and matching cups, with a serving tray, in the stunning traditional blue colour. The teapot is suitable for both loose tea and tea bags.

Lucky Cat Bowl Set

Each of the five bowls in this set feature the lucky cat design and come in different colours; orange, blue, green, purple and yellow. The vibrant colours, and number of bowls make this an ideal gift to give to a family. The size makes these perfect to use for eating oriental noodles or rice dishes. Presented beautifully in a stacked gift box, this will make a great Christmas present.

So will you be buying your foodie friends some oriental inspired gifts this Christmas, or will you be looking to impress with a different country’s cuisine?

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