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Ingredient - Ginger

30 November 2018

The Ginger has a light yellow coloured flesh; a warm, spicy and pungent taste, which is also one of the most versatile ingredients. It is mainly accessible in fresh, dried powdered, and pickled, but can be in a form of oil and extract, and in lozenges, capsules and tinctures.

It has been used in many savoury and sweet foods from many different types of cuisines around the world. Likewise, in hot sweet beverages such as honey ginger tea.Moreover, ginger has been seen in many desserts including the Chinese steamed dessert - Ginger Milk Pudding, which is great for the cold winter days.

Not only it can be used for culinary and beverages, it can be utilised in healing and health benefits, i.e., to aid indigestion and motion sickness, helps decreases inflammatory and pain.

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