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Konjac is an Asian herb plant known as Amorphophallus konjac. It has an edible corm which is used to make food and beauty products. The plant is naturally grown in Southerneast Asia and China.

Konjac have many different types of use such as food and beauty facial products. There are noodles e.g. Konnyaku Shirataki Konjac Yam Bundles and snacks e.g. Pei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Rolls and Weilong Konjac Snack. Moreover, it is also used to create beauty facial product, such as a konjac sponge.

The plant has many benefits, it is known to reduce cholesterol, loss weight and help to improve quality of skin.

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ProductWeilong Hot & Spicy Konjac Snack (卫龙魔芋爽香辣素毛肚) Price£0.35
ProductWeilong Ma La Spicy Konjac Snack (卫龙魔芋爽麻辣素毛肚) Price£0.35
ProductKonnyaku Shirataki Konjac Yam Bundles (魔芋 / 芋絲) Price£1.65
ProductPei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Roll - Egg (北田蒟蒻糙米捲 - 蛋黃口味) Price£1.85
ProductPei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Roll - Seaweed (北田蒟蒻糙米捲 - 海苔口味) Price£1.85
ProductPei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Roll - Chocolate (北田蒟蒻糙米捲 - 巧克力口味) Price£1.85
ProductPei Tien Konjac Brown Rice Roll - Milk (北田蒟蒻糙米捲 - 牛奶口味) Price£1.85

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