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Okonomiyaki Recipe

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Okonomiyaki is a savoury Japanese pancake containing a range of ingredients.  The word 'okonomi' means what you like and the word 'yaki' means grill.
It is created using flour, eggs and cabbage and for the main toppings: Okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise, dried seaweed, and dried bonito flakes.

Alongside of the key ingredients, there are numerous of other ingredients you can try to your own preference: Noodles (Yakisoba), any type of Tofu, Chikuwa Fish cakes, Dried hijiki (Brown Sea Vegetable), Beansprouts, Sweetcorn, Lotus Root, Mushrooms, Calamari/ Octopus, Prawns, Dried Shrimps, Enokitake (Lily Mushrooms), Spring Onion, Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum), Natto( Fermented beans), Kimchi (Pickled Chinese Leaf), Tomatoes, Rice Cake/Mochi, Garlic chives/Asian chives, and etc.  

Why not give this a try?

Okonomiyaki Recipe by Namiko Chen from justonecookbook
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prep time

cook time

total time

30 mins

30 mins

1 hr


Okonomiyaki Sauce:



Step 1: Prepare all the ingredients

How to make the Okonomiyaki Batter?

Step 2: Use a large bowl, put in 120g of plain flour, ¼ tsp. salt, ¼ tsp. sugar, and ¼ tsp. baking powder and mix it altogether.

Step 3: Peel and grate yam root in a small bowl.
(Be sure to wear gloves for this, due to its raphide material that can irritate your skin)

Step 4: Add the grated yam root and dashi in the bowl.

Step 5:  Mix the batter until combined, after use cling film to cover the bowl and refrigerate it for at least one hour to let it rest.

How to make Okonomiyaki Sauce?

Step 6: Use a small bowl put in 1 ½ Tbsp. sugar, 2 Tbsp. oyster sauce, 4 Tbsp. ketchup, and 3 ½ Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce  and mix it altogether until the sugar is completely dissolved.

How to cook the Okonomiyaki?

Step 7: Remove the core of the cabbage and mince it. Leave aside to let the moisture evaporate.

Step 8: Cut the pork belly slices in half and leave aside.

Step 9: Take out the batter from the refrigerator and add 4 large eggs, 113g tempura scraps (Optional), and 60g pickled red ginger (Kizami Beni Shoga) in the bowl. Mix well until well-combined.

Step 10: Add chopped cabbage to the batter 1/3 at a time. Mix well before adding the rest.

Step 11: Use large pan, heat up the vegetable oil on medium heat. When pan is hot (400F/200C), spread the batter in a circle on the pan. 

Step 12: Put 2-3 sliced pork belly on top of Okonomiyaki and use lid to cover for 5 minutes.

Step 13: Wait till the bottom side is nicely browned, and flip it over.

Step 14: To fix the shape gently press the okonomiyaki and keep it together. Use lid to cover for 5 minutes.

Step 15: Flip over one last time and cook uncovered for 2 minutes, then put it on a plate. 

Decorating the Okonomiyaki 

Step 16: Apply okonomiyaki sauce with brush and add Japanese mayonnaise in zigzagging lines and sprinkle dried bonito flakes (katsuobushi). For your own preferences you can add dried green seaweed (aonori), chopped green onions, and pickled red ginger on top for garnish. 

Your dish is complete.

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