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Product Of The Month

Product of the Month - Paldo Jjajangmen Bowl

29 June 2016

June's product of the month at Orientalmart is Paldo - Jjajangmen Bowl.

Jjajangmen 짜장면 originated in China but has been adapted in Korean to a more Korean taste. It is made up of handmade wheat noodles topped with a salty black soybean paste. Seafood, vegetables and pork can also be added. "jjajang" is the name of the sauce and "men" or sometimes spelt "myun" means noodle.

The Paldo bowl version, allows you to eat this famous dish in a matter of minutes. Hot water is added to the noodles and left to soak for 3-4 minutes. You then poke holes in the lid and drain the water. The sauce sachet is added and combined with the noodles.

This product gives you great tasting jjajangmen noodles, ready in an instant. Paldo Jjajangmen noodles are availiable here at Orientalmart for £1.10

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