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Revolutionise Your Lunchtimes With Homemade Noodle Pots

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We all love noodles, they're the perfect food for every occasion; whether you’re trying to eat healthily, or you’re seeking some heart-warming comfort food. Noodles were created as a life-saving invention in an effort to cure world hunger (you can read more about the history of instant noodles in our blog), and they still save us from the pangs of hunger on a daily basis.

Now, something you may not have discovered is noodles on the go. If you’re short on time or short on cooking resources, you can make this simple jar before heading off to work, and spend the day looking forward to the taste sensation that you’ll bee able to enjoy for lunch! These take very little preparation, and will probably revolutionise your lunchtimes forever. Plus they can be healthy as can be, much healthier than a traditional pot noodle! Take a look at how to make these healthy noodle jars (or homemade pot noodles) below:



You will need:



  1. This really is a quick and easy make! Start off by boiling your noodles until they’re just about cooked, run them under cold water through a colander to cool them quickly. If you want to opt for a truly authentic ramen experience, you can boil your egg at this point to your liking and cool it at the same time.
  2. Add ½ a stock cube/bouillon to the bottom of your jar, and then fill half the jar with your pre-cooked noodles. You can also experiment with other flavours such as miso paste or curry paste to switch the flavours up! You can even add in extra flavourings such as soy sauce, coconut milk or other oriental flavours, however, if you’re adding wet ingredients, you may want to keep these in a separate pot until you’re ready to eat to avoid any soggy noodles!
  3. Add in your meat or protein of your choice, we love to use some season grilled chicken, sliced beef or tofu cubes to give it a little more substance and taste. Be sure to cut or shred these into small slices so that it will be heated all the way through.
  4. Add a selection of finely sliced or diced vegetables (raw, frozen or cooked) as the next layer to your jar – the more colourful, the more Instagrammable it will be! Why not take a look at our selection of oriental vegetables to make it even more authentic?
  5. You can top your jar with thinly sliced spring onions and whatever else you’d like, be it a boiled egg, some fresh herbs or a slice of zesty lime. Screw the lid on, and you’re ready to go!


  1. When you’re ready to eat your noodle cup, simply remove the lid, add any additional wet ingredients and fill around 4/5ths of the way up the jar with boiling water.
  2. Replace the lid and leave the noodles to stand for 2-3 minutes, in which time everything should be heated to perfection, and you can dig in!

Top tips:

- Be experimental. Don’t be afraid to try new flavour combinations as this is a lunch that you will never tire of as the options are almost endless!

- Pimp your noodles. If you decide to choose a packet of instant noodles to make this recipe, you can add the flavour sachet in place of the stock cube, but remember to pre-cook your noodles!

- Explore the noodle varieties. Very fine or thin noodles such as the angel hair variety won’t need cooking before hand.

- You can prepare a few jars of these at a time, we recommend eating them within three days of making them up.

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